How to find the best dildo for you

The availability of sex toys on the market is diversified nowadays. Coupling experiences are made more exotic by the incorporation of these toys for maximum coitus experience. You will get to experience explosive orgasms with less effort.

However, browsing dildos or vibrators to suit your needs can be at times overwhelming. It’s quite a task in itself due to the range of categories of these vaginal stimulation substitutes for a phallus. The categories available in the market can guarantee you an awesome mating time. This wide spectrum will leave the couples spoilt for choice. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes depending on your needs. Choosing an ideal toy entirely depend on your sexual preferences too.

Fulfillment of a dildo

Desiring for a wild copulation session? Well, it is very possible to fulfill your sexual fantasies more effortlessly than masturbation. Knowing what you need is vital in finding the right dildo for you. It does not matter if you need it for vaginal use or reaming purposes. The choices available are more than enough to drive you there. The shape of the dildo is very important to accomplish the required expectations of it. Dildos which are slightly curved give the best vaginal stimulation. The reason as to why they are ideal for vaginal sex is because of their ability to stimulate the G-spot during coitus. The shape is also a strong determinant when you need them for reaming. The ideal shape for this experience should be a tapered design which makes penetration easy and enjoyable.


If you want it for fellatio, you will need one which can stand on its own as it won’t need your help in peak moments. To reap more benefits especially when fulfilling your dream of using a strap-on on your sex mate. You will need the ones that come with balls and a strong shaft. They are most likely to withstand any vigorous thrusts and grinds that take place during coitus.

How it feels

Of course, when having that magical moment with your loved one, you will need a dildo that feels natural. Texture and material can achieve potential orgasms for both men and women during copulation. The whole idea of using these toys is to make it feel as if it’s a real phallus. Therefore, the material is also very vital in making your woman want some more of the experience. If you are conversant with a smooth ride to cloud 9, the ideal dildo for you should be smooth in texture. The material mostly preferred is Silicone and PVC and it does not require any lubrication. Additional features on the texture such as veins, ripples, and bumps might exaggerate your experience even more in the bid to have unique coupling experience.

Size and color

Some people achieve explosive sexual satisfaction by the dildo physical features. For you to get sexually satisfied, the color of the dildo will make it more interesting when using it. The colors range from vibrant blue, purple and others look like a real penis. The size also matters a lot. The popular average size of a dildo is 7″ in length and 1.5″ in diameter depending on your preferences.

Do not be let out in this fun. Grab yours today.